Guest Concierge Services

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• Gift Reception & Oversight

• Guest Comfort Services & Items


What We Do

Coat Check Complete prides itself in providing guest services catered specifically to the individual security and comfort needs of each event in which we participate.

We accomplish this by listening to your plans for the flow of your event, touring your venue to assess space, comfort and security needs, developing a plan to create a courteous, convenient and efficient coat check and guest concierge service, then executing that plan the day of your event.

Our hand-picked and professionally trained attendants will collect and safely store guests' belongings, receive and oversee security of gifts, and provide comfort items from our Guest Comfort Kit to guests as needed. Additionally, we can direct guests to the appropriate area for the festivities, oversee guest registration or guest book signing, and distribute event favors.


Guest Comfort Kit

Includes: band-aids, breath mints, buttons, clear nail polish, deodorant, digestive aids (assortment of over the counter products), feminine hygiene products, hair pins, hair spray, hair ties, hand lotion, Kleenex, lint rollers, lip balm, manicure tools, pain relievers (an assortment of over-the-counter products), panty hose, safety pins, sewing supplies, shoe laces, stain remover, and more. We’re happy to customize the Guest Comfort Kit at your request.


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