Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the benefits of having Coat Check Complete at my event?
Coat Check Complete provides your guests a safe and secure location to store their outerwear and belongings, giving them hassle-free peace of mind to enjoy your event. It also cuts down on trip-and-fall hazards associated with having belongings draped over chairs and left on the floor. Having our Guest Comfort Kit available ensures that no one will miss out on the fun due to a minor accident or unforeseen situation. Additionally, our signature Guest Concierge Service, which can include assisting with guest book signing, directing guests to designated areas for festivities, distributing party favors and helping guests out of and into their outerwear, adds a special touch of class to your event, setting the tone for what is sure to be a most memorable event!

Q: How many coats should I plan to accommodate at my event?
Generally speaking, plan on 25% to 30% of your guests bringing outerwear that they will want checked weather dependent. Also know that if you make it known there will be a coat check available, the percentage of usage is likely to be higher.

Q: How long should I schedule Coat Check Complete to service my event?
We recommend that you have us available to start accepting outerwear and gifts 30 minutes before the official start of your event, and plan to have our service available for yourself and your guests until the end of your event. We are happy to start our service earlier to accommodate yourself and your event staff as you prepare for your festivities.

Q: What do you mean by “Gift Reception and Oversight”?
We mean that we are able to receive your gifts for you, place them in a predetermined secure location, and monitor that nothing happens to them while your event festivities are going on. We will make sure that each card is securely attached to its package, and assist you in loading your gifts into your or your representative’s vehicle for transportation home. This may require an additional attendant dependent on the size and location of your event.

Q: What décor options are available for the Coat Check Complete station?
Coat Check Complete has a standard décor of a white table cloth with mints or chocolates provided in an attractive silver or crystal bowl, and a candle in a crystal candle holder when space permits at our coat check station. Business cards will be tastefully displayed, and a“tipping bowl” may be placed on the table. When pipe and drape is necessary, our standard color is black. If you prefer, we are happy to set up our station to blend in with the rest of the décor you have planned for your event. Feel free to order a matching table cloth and flowers or other décor items for the coat check table and/or bathroom tables. We will do our best to find matching or complimentary pipe and drape to keep the theme of your event seamless.

Q: Is there a way to have Coat Check service without having to use tickets?
A: Yes!
We are happy to use an alphabetized guest list you provide to keep track of each of your guests’ coat check numbers. This is a wonderful way to add an extra touch of class to your event event!

Q: What happens if one of my guests loses their coat check ticket?
When this occurs, it is our policy to make every attempt to distinguish which item belongs to your guest, and get it back to them at the time they request it. This includes asking for a detailed description of the item and identifying marks or items in or on the item that would clearly distinguish it as belonging to your guest. If this process is not successful, though it usually is, we can not give out items without a number until the end of your event after all the other items are claimed to insure the safety of all of your guests’ items.

Q: What happens to items not claimed at the end of the event?
Whatever items have not been claimed at the end of your event will be given to you, or your stated representative, at the end of your event to accommodate easy return to their rightful owners.

Q: Will someone stay at the Coat Check Complete station during the entire event?
Your Coat Check Complete attendant will do their best to never leave your guests’ belongings unattended. However, in cases where there is only one attendant, it may become necessary for them to leave the coat check area for a few moments to check on the freshness of the bathrooms or attend to another short duty.

Q: What about tipping?
Tipping coat check attendants is common courtesy, and we think you will find our attendants worth this extra nod. To accommodate this, Coat Check Complete will either place a “tipping bowl” at our coat check table, or add a minimum rate of 20% to your bill. Many hosts prefer this second option as it does not impose on their guests while assuring that the attendants receive the acknowledgement they deserve.

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